Fall 2018

Date Speaker, Affiliation, and Seminar Title Host

Oct. 12

Dr. Chad Finn
Research Geneticist (Plants) USDA/ARS, Horticultural Research Unit Corvallis, OR

"Breeding berries in the Northwest-Life is Good!"

Dr. Finn seminar flyer (PDF)
Dr. Nicholi Vorsa/Stacy Bonos
Oct. 19

Dr. Gregory Thyssen

USDA/ARS -Molecular Biologist, Cotton Fiber Bioscience Research: New Orleans, LA

Dr. Thyssen seminar flyer (PDF)

Dr. Nicholi Vorsa/Dr. Tom Molnar
Oct. 26

Dr. Mark Sorrells

Plant Breeding and Genetics Section, Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Plant Breeding in the 21st Century: Molecular Breeding and High Throughput Phenotyping

Dr. Stacy Bonos
Nov. 9

Dr. Seth Murray

Soil and Crop Sciences, Agriculture & Life Sciences, Texas A & M University

Towards predictive field phenomics in maize breeding and genetics using unmanned aerial systems (UAS, i.e. drones)

Dr. Stacy Bonos
Nov. 16

Dr. Susan Brown

School of Integrative Plant Science - Horticulture, Cornell - College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Cornell Apple Breeding and the Influence of Rutgers University Training

Dr. Tom Molnar
Dec. 7

Dr. Tom Orton - Rutgers

History and future of tomato breeding at Rutgers