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FALL 2019


Speaker, Affiliation, and Seminar Title


Oct. 4

Dr. Kari Peter - Penn State University Dr. Peter Oudemans
Oct. 11

Dr. Mengjun Hu - University of Maryland

Challenges and Opportunities of Managing Fungicide Resistance: a Rising Concern in Fruit Production

Dr. Peter Oudemans
Oct. 18

Leigh Anne Starling, President - AHTA

Horticultural therapy in Mental Health Setting

Dr. Gary Altman
Oct. 25

Dr. Paul Koch - University of Wisconsin

Integrated turfgrass disease management using insights from the phytobiome and disease predictive modeling

Dr. Bruce Clarke
Nov. 1

Dr. Wayne Jurick - USDA/ARS

In search of ‘silver bullets’ to combat postharvest blue mold on apple via a multiomics approach

Dr. Joan Bennett
Nov. 8 Dr. Jeffrey Jones - University of Florida Dr. Donald Kobayashi
Dec. 6

Dr. Donald Walker - Middle Tennessee State University

Host-microbiome-pathogen interactions: a comparative approach across ecological scales

Dr. Lena Struwe/ Dr. J. White


Speaker, Affiliation, and Seminar Title


Feb. 22

Dr. Theodore Petti, Rutgers Medical School

Seminar Title: "The human health implications of marijuana use"

Joseph Heckman

Mar. 1

Dr. Richard McAvoy, University of Connecticut

Seminar Title: “Plant Growth Regulators in Commercial Practice”

A. J. Both

Mar. 8

Dr. Marc Iersel, University of Georgia

Seminar Title: "Optimizing supplemental lighting in Greenhouses: From Physiology to Crop Growth"

A. J. Both

Mar. 15


Dr. Greg Roth, Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences

Seminar Title: "Agronomy of Hemp"

Joseph Heckman

Mar. 29


Dr. David Munns, City University of New York

Seminar Title: “The beginning of the phytotron: The most significant instrument no one has heard of”
A. J. Both

Apr. 12


Dr. James White

Seminar Title: “Rhizophagy cycle: A cryptic system in plants for extraction of nutrients from soil microbes”

Joseph Heckman
FALL 2018


Speaker, Affiliation, and Seminar Title


Oct. 12

Dr. Chad Finn
Research Geneticist (Plants) USDA/ARS, Horticultural Research Unit Corvallis, OR

"Breeding berries in the Northwest-Life is Good!"
Dr. Nicholi Vorsa/Stacy Bonos
Oct. 19

Dr. Gregory Thyssen

USDA/ARS -Molecular Biologist, Cotton Fiber Bioscience Research: New Orleans, LA

Dr. Nicholi Vorsa/Dr. Tom Molnar
Oct. 26

Dr. Mark Sorrells

Plant Breeding and Genetics Section, Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Plant Breeding in the 21st Century: Molecular Breeding and High Throughput Phenotyping

Dr. Stacy Bonos
Nov. 9

Dr. Seth Murray

Soil and Crop Sciences, Agriculture & Life Sciences, Texas A & M University

Towards predictive field phenomics in maize breeding and genetics using unmanned aerial systems (UAS, i.e. drones)

Dr. Stacy Bonos
Nov. 16

Dr. Susan Brown

School of Integrative Plant Science - Horticulture, Cornell - College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Cornell Apple Breeding and the Influence of Rutgers University Training

Dr. Tom Molnar
Dec. 7

Dr. Tom Orton - Rutgers

History and future of tomato breeding at Rutgers