Natural Products and Human Health
- Extension and Outreach -

Extension and Outreach Highlights


  • Working with small-holder farmers and vulnerable rural communities in sub-Sahara Africa to improve cultivation, marketing, and sales of plant-based natural products for the cosmetic, flavor, fragrance, medicinal plant and dietary supplemental industries
  • Training courses in Screens-to-Nature technology for botanical therapeutics discovery in 13 developing countries and organizing international seminars dedicated to plants and human health
  • Improving nutrition and health in Zambia
  • Validating ethnobotanical knowledge of Native Americans in Alaska and North Dakota
  • Training courses in the commercialization of natural products (botanicals and medicines)
  • Training of methods in vouchering of source materials in ethnobotanical and medicinal plant studies


  • Improving nutritional and/or sensory properties of plants
  • Working with US growers to improve their production of health promoting herbs and in the introduction of ethnic vegetables, greens and herbs
  • Introducing new nutritionally rich plants
  • Improving the aroma and horticultural and post-harvest characteristics of culinary herbs
  • Educating gardeners and the public on the role of plants in human health and medicine
  • Participating in community outreach programs about issues relating to indoor mold exposure

Collaborative research projects and centers:

  • ASNAPP, Agribusiness in sustainable natural plant products (
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded project on improving nutrition and health in Zambia (with North Carolina State University and University of Zambia)
  • Chrysler Herbarium, Rutgers (
  • CASHPROJECT, Agribusiness in sustainable natural African plant products
  • EOSHI, Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences Institute, Rutgers University-UMDNJ (
  •, Global Institute for Bioexploration (
  • GIBEX-related contacts and projects with universities in 26 countries (with University of North Caroliana and University of Illinois)
  • National Center for Botanicals and Metabolic Syndrome, with Louisiana State University (
  • Native American Health and Government Organizations in Alaska on traditional botanical knowledge and communal health, with University of North Carolina
  • NIH T32 Training Grant in Botanical Approaches to Combat Metabolic Syndrome, with Louisiana State University
  • NIH Botanicals Center, Purdue University / University of Alabama-Birmingham (
  • NUANPP, New Use Agriculture and Natural Plant Products Program (
  • PFID/NP, Partnership for Food Industry Development/ Natural Products
  • Rutgers' Initiative on Sensory Sciences and Innovation
  • United Tribes Technical College in North Dakota on traditional botanical knowledge, with University of North Carolina
  • NIH/FIRCA award, Interaction of ricin A chain with the ribosomal stalk with Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland

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