Plant Breeding and Genetics
- Research Highlights -

Research Highlights

  • Breeding salinity tolerance in turfgrasses
  • Classification of Kentucky bluegrass cultivars using SSR markers
  • Components of heat and drought tolerance in tall fescue
  • Inheritance of rhizome and tiller production in tall fescue
  • BASL controls asymmetric cell division in Arabidopsis
  • Dynamic evolution of bz orthologous regions in the Andropogoneae and other grasses
  • BARREN STALK FASTIGIATE1 is an AT-hook protein required for the formation of maize ears
  • Survey of hazelnut germplasm from Russia and Crimea for response to eastern filbert blight.
  • Improving efficiency of cellulosic fermentation via genetic engineering to create "Smart Plants" for biofuel production
  • Genomics and strain selection of Lemnaceae (duckweed) for optimized wastewater treatment coupled to sustainable feed and fuel production
  • Regulators of programmed cell death as gene targets for abiotic and biotic stress tolerance determinants in Arabidopsis and crop plants
  • Cell wall genomics in the recombinogenic moss Physcomitrella patens
  • Plastid transformation in flowering plants
  • Eastern filbert blight susceptibility of American ? European hazelnut progenies
  • Susceptibility of basil cultivars and breeding lines to downy mildew (Peronospora belbahrii)
  • Plant genetic resources and scientific activities of the Uzbek Research Institute of Plant Industry
  • The first genetic map of the American cranberry: exploration of synteny conservation and quantitative trait loci.
  • Identification of genetic networks controlling asymmetric cell division in Arabidopsis
  • Generation of a sequence-indexed collection of gene knock-outs in maize
  • Elucidation of developmental pathway controlling axillary meristem initiation and fate in maize
  • Improvement of drought tolerance by increasing cytokinins in creeping bentgrass
  • Global mapping of chromatin modifications using current molecular methods and a novel informatics approach
  • Development of methods for modulating lysine production
  • Demonstration of exceptional transmission of pollen plastids and mitochondria in tobacco
  • Identification of nutrient-poor white sand areas in the Amazon Basin as ancestral areas for substrate-diverse evolutionary lineages within gentians

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