Plant Protection and Biotic and Abiotic Interactions
- Extension and Outreach -

Major Foci

  • Turfgrass and ornamental pathology
  • Tree fruit pathology
  • Small fruit pathology (blueberry, cranberry and viticulture)
  • Vegetable pathology
  • Best management practices for turf diseases
  • Organic turf management practices
  • Turf weed management and control


  • Best management practices of turf diseases
    • Anthracnose
    • gray leaf spot
    • dollar spot
  • Establishment of a weather network for viticulture
  • Development of phenology-based Vaccinium fruit rot programs
  • Management and control of cranberry fruit rot
  • Management of fungal and bacterial diseases of peach
  • Management and control of New Jersey vegetable diseases
  • Organic land and turf care
  • Adaptation and use of turfgrass species and varieties
  • Professional fertilizer applicators certification and training (ProFACT)
  • Identification of bacterial wilt, a new and threatening disease of blueberry
  • Monitoring bacterial leaf scorch of oak: a decade of disease progression in New Jersey
  • Characterization of 'silvering' caused by Phytophthora capsici and development of resistance in bell pepper

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