Plant Protection and Biotic and Abiotic Interactions
- Research Highlights -

Research Highlights

  • Viruses of oomycete hosts
  • Fungal defense responses to bacterial infection
  • Plant parasitism of bacterial endophytes
  • Identification of the alternate host for the fungus causing fairy ring of cranberry
  • Taxonomic re-classification of the dollar spot pathogen of turfgrass
  • Taxonomic re-classification of Magnaporthe spp.
  • Molecular mechanism of fungal and plant toxins
  • Fungal volatiles
  • Quantitative epidemiology of peach rusty spot
  • Best management practices for anthracnose disease on turfgrass
  • Best management practices for dollar spot disease on turfgrass
  • Modeling monocyclic processes of plant disease epidemics
  • Understanding and developing resistance in sweet basil to downy mildew

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