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Department of Plant Biology main office phone numbers are:
848-932-9711    and    848-932-8165


If you are a homeowner and have a question concerning pests, plants, or other issues with lawn care, or plant care, please contact your local County Extension office. County Extension offices are your first stop for all kinds of information and assistance in 4-H, agriculture, family and community health sciences, marine science, and natural resources and the environment.

Prospective Undergraduate Students

If you are interested in one of the undergraduate majors, minors or certificate programs administered through the Department of Plant Biology, please contact the Undergraduate Program Director, or appropriate program coordinator.

Plant Science Undergraduate Program Director

Nrupali Patel
Foran Hall, Rm. 372

Biotechnology Undergraduate Program Director

Paul R. Meers
Foran Hall, Rm. 272

Agriculture and Food Systems Undergraduate Program Director

Xenia Morin
NJ Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health (IFNH), Suite 220
61 Dudley Rd

Horticultural Therapy Certificate Coordinator

Gary Altman
Foran Hall, Rm. 184

Plant Biosecurity Certificate Coordinator

Rong Di
Foran Hall, Rm. 222B

Medicinal and Economic Botany Certificate Coordinator

James Simon
Foran Hall, Rm. 396C

Prospective Graduate Students

If you are interested in the graduate program in Plant Biology, please see our Plant Biology Graduate Program Homepage or contact the Program Director or Associate. If you have a question relating to a specific research program, please contact the faculty member directly. Their contact information is located on the Graduate Faculty Research Page.

Program Director

Dr. Bingru Huang
Foran Hall, Rm. 301

Technical Questions

If you are have problems viewing this site or have technical questions relating to the website or use of the website, please contact the departmental webmaster.