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Department Mission, Vision and Strategic Growth


Founded over 236 years ago in 1766, Rutgers is distinguished as one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the country. Rutgers University is comprised of 29 undergraduate, graduate and professional schools and is among the nation's most prestigious educational institutions. The campus is in close proximity to many of the nation's premier high technology industries including the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The Plant Biology Department is located on the scenic and environmentally friendly Cook Campus/Douglas College Campus and in close proximity to the Jersey shore and Pine Barrens. The fifty-member faculty resides in the Foran Hall state-of-the-art research laboratory and office facilities. The faculty offers undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral educational and research programmatic opportunities in Molecular Biology/Biotechnology, Plant Breeding and Genetic Improvement, Plant Diversity and Natural Products, Plant Management and Plant Pathology.


To provide leadership in teaching, research and outreach in plant biology to benefit society.

Vision of the Department of Plant Biology

The vision of the Department of Plant Biology is to be the national and international leader in plant biology by conducting original, creative, and innovative research and by providing outstanding educational and outreach programs. The Department aims to strengthen the economy and quality of life for society by developing human resources, technologies, and products.