Dr. Thomas Molnar's Research Images

two trees

Purple leaf ornamnetal hazelnut & green leaf type

Picture of flowers

Ornamental hazelnut clusters


High yield potential of new hybrid hazelnuts

Holly berries

Ilex x Red Beauty

close-up of dogwood branch

Eastern filbert blight lesion - the reason we do not grow hazlenuts commercially in the eastern US

Two men standing

Dr. Funk and Dr. Tom Molnar

two rows of trees

7 year old hybrid seedlings undergoing evaluation

holly trees

Breeding for Eastern Filbert Blight resistance

Drying Hazelnuts

Freshly harvested hazelnuts drying

man looks at hazelnut leaves

Evaluating hazelnuts for disease

Hazelnut stigmas

hazelnut stigmas ready for hand pollinating

Hazelnut flowers

New hazelnut selections with large nuts and EFB resistance

Hazelnut catskins

Hazelnut catkins

prunes hazelnut tree

hazlenut pruned to a single trunk

Dogwood flowers

Advanced generation Hybrid Dogwoods

leaves in fall

Purple leaf ornamental hazelnut with fall color

plants in pots

Advanced generation holly hybrids

flower pod

Some hybrid selections release the nuts from the husk on maturity for easy harvesting

tree branches

We screen thousands of hazelnuts for resistance to EFB This picture shows an infected young plant