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Plant Breeding and Genetics
- Faculty -

Faculty Involvement and Their Active Research Focus

Stacy Bonos Plant breeding genetic improvement of turfgrass, switchgrass; disease resistance and stress tolerance
Tiemi Curry Plant tissue culture to support the breeding programs
Juan Dong Plant cell and development/molecular genetics: cell polarity, asymmetric cell division, stomatal development; Arabidopsis
Andrea Gallavotti Maize genetics and functional genomics; plant architecture, meristem development
Joseph Goffreda Plant breeding and genetic improvement of peach, apricot, nectarine and apple
Josh Honig DNA fingerprinting, sequencing, genotyping, marker-assisted selection, genetic linkage mapping to support breeding programs
Bingru Huang Turfgrass stress physiology/biochemistry/molecular biology
Eric Lam Epigenetics, duckweed, genomics technologies, programmed cell death regulators
Michael Lawton Functional genomics; mechanisms of stress tolerance
Tom Leustek Metabolic control and engineering of plant metabolism, sulfur assimilation, nutrition, sensing, amino acid biosynthesis and regulation
Pal Maliga Molecular biology, biotechnology, plant breeding, genetic improvement, plastid molecular biology
Tom Molnar Plant breeding, genetic improvement, edible and ornamental tree crops; hazelnuts, dogwoods
Gina Sideli Plant breeding, genetic improvement, cranberry, blueberry, polyphenolics
James Simon Plant breeding, genetic improvement, new crop development, herbs, fruits and vegetables
Mark Zander Plant (epi)genomics, plant immunity, plant hormone signaling, transcriptional regulation, plant stress responses
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