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Photo: Gary L. Altman

Gary L. Altman
Teaching Instructor

Horticultural Therapy, People-Plant Relationships, Rehabilitation Counseling, Vocational Rehabilitation, Vocational Evaluation and Return to Work Coordination, Green Industry Job Development/Job Placement

Photo: Sonia Arora

Sonia Arora
Teaching Instructor

Medicinal plants, ethnopharmacology, structural bioinformatics, computer aided drug design, nutraceuticals, natural products & human health

Photo: Faith Belanger

Faith Belanger
Associate Professor

Plant pathology/molecular biology/biotechnology: turfgrass molecular biology; endophyte interaction, fungal endophyte/grass interaction

Photo: Joan W. Bennett

Joan W. Bennett
Distinguished Professor

Fungal Genetics, Mycology, Mycotoxins, Volatile Organic Compounds

Photo: Thierry E. Besancon

Thierry E. Besancon
Associate Extension Specialist in Weed Science
609-726-1590 Ext. 4442

Plant Protection and Biotic and Abiotic Interactions

Photo: Stacy Bonos

Stacy Bonos

Plant breeding and genetic improvement; perennial grasses for turf and biofuel; inheritance of disease resistance and stress tolerance; molecular and traditional breeding approaches

Photo: Raul I. Cabrera

Raul I. Cabrera
Associate Extension Specialist in Nursery Production & Management

Sustainable Agricultural Systems

Photo: Ming-Yi Chou

Ming-Yi Chou
Assistant Extension Specialist

Turfgrass Pathology, microbial ecology, multi-omic, fungicide efficacy

Photo: Tiemi N. Curry

Tiemi N. Curry
Research Associate

Plant tissue culture/biotechnology: plant cell, tissue and organ culture – research development and production; plant micropropagation, for selected, highly valued Rutgers hybrid breeding programs

Photo: Rong Di

Rong Di
Associate Research Professor

Molecular biology/biotechnology: molecular biology, biotechnology, nutraceuticals, biofuel

Photo: Juan Dong

Juan Dong

Plant cell and development/molecular genetics: cell polarity, asymmetric cell division, stomatal development and patterning

Photo: Edward Durner

Edward Durner
Associate Professor

Plant management: applied physiology; statistics; CSA management, student farms, organic food production, Physalis production, statistical analysis

Photo: Matthew Elmore

Matthew Elmore
Associate Extension Specialist

Weed science in turfgrass, landscapes, pastures and forages

Photo: Joel Flagler

Joel Flagler
County Agent

People-plant relationships: horticultural therapy, ornamental horticulture

Photo: Andrea Gallavotti

Andrea Gallavotti
Associate Professor

Plant development/molecular biology: maize genetics and functional genomics; plant architecture; meristem development

Photo: Thomas J. Gianfagna

Thomas J. Gianfagna

Postharvest pathology and physiology of fruit and cut flowers; Plant natural products and human health, endophytic fungi, mechanisms of disease resistance

Photo: Joseph Goffreda

Joseph Goffreda
Associate Professor
609-758-7311 ext. 13

Plant breeding and genetic improvement: peach, nectarine, apple, and apricot breeding

Photo: Ann B. Gould

Ann B. Gould
Associate Extension Specialist, SEBS - Dean of Academic Programs

Plant pathology: woody and herbaceous ornamental crop pathology

Photo: Serpil Guran

Serpil Guran
Courtesy Professor

Food-Energy-Water Nexus and Waste synergy by promoting integration of organic waste into development of closed-loop bio-economy

Photo: Joseph Heckman

Joseph Heckman
Extension Specialist in Soil Fertility

Plant management: Soil, soil fertility, soil testing, mineral nutrition, plant health, organic farming, organic farming history, compost, traditional food systems

Photo: Bradley I. Hillman

Bradley I. Hillman

Plant pathology/molecular biology/biotechnology: plant and fungal virology; fungal molecular biology; biocontrol

Photo: Joshua A. Honig

Joshua A. Honig
Assistant Research Professor

Plant molecular biology/plant breeding: DNA genotyping, DNA fingerprinting, DNA sequencing, genetic linkage mapping, and marker assisted selection (MAS), turfgrass breeding

Photo: Bingru Huang

Bingru Huang
Distinguished Professor
732-932-9711 ext. 302

Turfgrass stress physiology/biochemistry/molecular biology

Photo: H. Rodolfo Juliani

H. Rodolfo Juliani
Part-Time Lecturer

Photo: Donald Kobayashi

Donald Kobayashi
Professor, Department Chair

Plant bacteriology: biological control; bacterial genomics; bacterial/fungal interactions; biotechnology

Photo: Norman Lalancette

Norman Lalancette
Associate Extension Specialist in Tree Fruit Pathology

Plant pathology: tree fruit pathology; epidemiology and plant disease control

Photo: Eric Lam

Eric Lam
Distinguished Professor

Epigenetics; programmed cell death; stress tolerance; renewable biomass; duckweeds; RNA therapeutics

Photo: Michael Lawton

Michael Lawton
Associate Professor

Disease Resistance, Fungal and Bacterial Pathogens, Fusarium Head Blight, Toxins, Programmed Cell Death, Physcomitrella patens, Functional Genomics.

Photo: Thomas Leustek

Thomas Leustek

Metabolic control and engineering of plant metabolism, sulfur assimilation, nutrition, sensing, amino acid biosynthesis and regulation

Photo: Xiao-Ping Li

Xiao-Ping Li
Associate Research Scientist

Mechanisms of cellular toxicity of ricin and Shiga toxins. Fragment based antidotes development against ricin and Shiga toxins

Photo: Desmond Lun

Desmond Lun
Courtesy Professor

Bioinformatics, systems biology, metabolic engineering

Photo: Pal Maliga

Pal Maliga
Distinguished Professor

Molecular biology/biotechnology/ plant breeding and genetic improvement: plastid molecular biology

Photo: John E. McLaughlin

John E. McLaughlin
Assistant Research Professor

Yeast genetics, plant pathology, trichothecene mycotoxins, ribosome inactivating proteins

Photo: Paul Meers

Paul Meers
Assistant Teaching Professor, Undergraduate Program Director, Biotechnology

Membrane dynamics and intercellular vesicle transport (including membrane fusion; protein-lipid interactions): drug delivery/transfection technologies, nanotechnology, biofilms, spectroscopic assays and imaging

Photo: Thomas Molnar

Thomas Molnar
Associate Professor
848) 932-6330

Plant breeding and genetic improvement; ornamental and edible tree crops with a current focus on large-bracted dogwoods and hazelnuts

Photo: Xenia Morin

Xenia Morin
Associate Teaching Professor, Undergraduate Program Director, Agriculture and Food Systems

Food systems studies. Local through global food production and its ability to respond to climate change while maintaining health, the environment and economic sustainability.

Photo: James A. Murphy

James A. Murphy
Extension Specialist

Turfgrass management, turf edaphology, adaptation of turfgrass species and cultivars to traffic stress

Photo: Peter Oudemans

Peter Oudemans
609-726-1590 ext. 4420

Plant pathology: blueberry/cranberry, Colletrotrichum physalospora coleophoma, GIS, NEWA

Photo: Nrupali Patel

Nrupali Patel
Assistant Teaching Professor, Director, Undergraduate Program in Plant Science

Plant Pathology, Molecular Biology, bacterial-fungal interactions, emerging plant bacterial diseases

Photo: Ilya Raskin

Ilya Raskin
Distinguished Professor

Biotechnology/phytochemistry/natural products/dietary supplements/functional foods/plant diversity/pharmacognosy/international development/biodiversity

Photo: Mark Gregory Robson

Mark Gregory Robson
Distinguished Professor, Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Education for Rutgers University—New Brunswick and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies

Pesticide toxicology, human and ecological risk assessment

Photo: Stephanie Rossi

Stephanie Rossi
Research Associate

Turfgrass abiotic stress physiology; plant biochemistry and metabolism, biotechnology

Photo: Gina Sideli

Gina M. Sideli
Assistant Professor

Plant breeding and genetic improvement; cranberry and blueberry; classical and molecular breeding; genomics and phenomics

Photo: James E. Simon

James E. Simon
Distinguished Professor

Plant diversity/natural products/plant breeding and genetic improvement: new crop development, plant domestication of high value crops, NonTimber Forest Species, sustainable development of indigenous resources

Photo: Lena Struwe

Lena Struwe

Global plant diversity and evolution, biogeography and spatial patterns, historic and contemporary ethnobotany and sustainable bioprospecting of natural products

Photo: Nilgun Tumer

Nilgun Tumer
Distinguished Professor

Molecular biology/biotechnology/biochemistry: molecular biology; cellular translation; viral infection

Photo: Daniel L. Ward

Daniel L. Ward
Associate Extension Specialist in Pomology and Associate Research Professor

Pomology - cultural practices and crop management for fruit crops

Photo: James F. White Jr.

James F. White Jr.

Plant pathology; symbiosis; endophytic microbes; nutritional endosymbiotic systems; associative nitrogen fixation

Photo: Qing-Li Wu

Qing-Li Wu
Associate Research Professor

Natural products chemistry and plant medicine

Photo: C. Andrew Wyenandt

C. Andrew Wyenandt
Extension Specialist in Vegetable Pathology

Phytophthora capsici and anthracnose fruit rot control in bell and other peppers, cucurbit powdery and downy mildew control, fungicide resistance management, fungicide resistance guidelines, basil downy mildew control

Photo: Mark Zander

Mark Zander
Assistant Professor

Plant (epi)genomics, plant immunity, plant hormone signaling, transcriptional regulation, plant stress responses

Photo: Ning Zhang

Ning Zhang

Fungal biodiversity, phylogenetics and genomics; microbiomes associated with turfgrass and bioenergy plants; and molecular diagnosis of plant pathogens.

Faculty Emeriti

Photo: Jerry Baron

Jerry Baron

IR-4 Project
Plant management/plant pathology: horticultural crop pest management

Photo: Chee-Kok Chin

Chee-Kok Chin

Plant diversity/natural products/plant breeding and genetic improvement: asparagus improvement; bioactive fatty acids

Photo: Bruce Clarke

Bruce Clarke

Plant pathology: turfgrass pathology, ectotrophic root infecting fungi

Photo: Hugo K. Dooner

Hugo K. Dooner

Plant Breeding and Genetics section
Molecular biology/biotechnology: functional genomics; homologous meiotic recombination analysis in maize

Photo: Zane R. Helsel

Zane R. Helsel
Emeritus Extension Specialist in Agriculture Energy

Sustainable Agricultural Systems
Agriculture Energy, Field and Forage Crop Production

Photo: Melvin Henninger

Melvin Henninger

Plant management: plant management: potato and vegetable crop horticulture

Photo: Harry Janes

Harry W. Janes

Sustainable Agricultural Systems
Plant management: controlled environmental agriculture; plant environmental interaction

Photo: Gojko Jelenkovic

Gojko Jelenkovic

Molecular biology/biotechnology: transgenic plants; gene isolation; gene characterization

Photo: Brad Majek

Brad Majek

Plant Plant Protection and Biotic and Abiotic Interactions section
Plant management: vegetable and fruit weed control

Photo: William Meyer

William Meyer

Plant breeding and genetic improvement: turfgrass breeding

Photo: David R. Mears

David R. Mears

Plant management: controlled environmental agriculture; greenhouse systems

Photo: Elwin R. Orton

Elwin R. Orton

Woody ornamentals plant breeding, primarily those of Ilex (hollies) and Cornus (dogwoods)

Photo: Thomas Orton

Thomas Orton

Plant breeding and genetic improvement: vegetable crops; extension in value-added systems development

Photo: John Sacalis

John Sacalis

Plant diversity/natural products: cut-flower postharvest physiology; turfgrass endophytes; natural products

Photo: Nicholi Vorsa

Nicholi Vorsa

Plant breeding, genetic improvement, fruit quality, polyphenolics, blueberry and cranberry breeding, genetic mapping

Photo: Barbara Zilinskas

Barbara Zilinskas

Plant Protection and Biotic and Abiotic Interactions
Molecular biology/biotechnology: molecular biology and physiology of the response of plants to environmental stress; oxidative stress and antioxidant protective mechanisms; genetic modification of turfgrass species