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Natural Products and Human Health
- Faculty -

Faculty Involvement and Their Active Research Focus

Sonia Arora Medicinal plants, ethnopharmacology, structural bioinformatics, computer aided drug design, nutraceuticals, natural products & human health
Joan Bennett Mycotoxins; fungal genetics; physiological activity of fungal volatile organic compounds
Rong Di Nutraceuticals; anti-diabetes, anti-obesity and anti-Alzheimer's effects of botanical extracts in C. elegans and mammalian cells; molecular mechanisms of toxins in C. elegans
Tom Gianfagna Anti-diabetic effects and wound-healing properties of steroidal glycosides from Lilium longiflorum
Rodolfo Juliani Plant-based products for human health; essential oils; quality control of botanicals, international development
Paul Meers Identification, isolation, formulation of bacterial antifungals; extracellular vesicle biology; design of delivery systems; design and delivery of small RNAs for biofilm control.
Eric Lam Engineering of plants to deliver small RNAs as antiviral therapeutics via ingestion; optimization of siRNA expression in edible plant tissues
John McLaughlin Yeast genetics, plant pathology, trichothecene mycotoxins, ribosome inactivating proteins
Xiao-Ping Li molecular action of ricin and shiga toxins and antidote development
Ilya Raskin Discovery, characterization and development of botanical therapeutics for food, dietary supplements, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications; international bioexploration
Gina Sideli Cranberries, polyphenolics, bioavailability and metabolism of polyphenolics, biomarkers
Jim Simon Natural plant products and new uses of plants, medicinals and aromatics, sustainable collection and production of indigenous genetic resources; phytochemistry, international development
Lena Struwe Traditional and contemporary ethnobotany; anti-malarials, medicinal plants; taxonomic botanical accuracy; vouchering and sourcing; Gentianaceae
Nilgun Tumer Ribosome inactivating proteins and trichothecene mycotoxins, ricin, Shiga toxins and pokeweed antiviral protein
James White endophytic fungi and their bioactive components
Quinli Wu Natural products chemistry and plant medicine; phytopharmaceuticals; quality control; polyphenols, alkaloids; botanical authentication; analytical and synthetic chemistry

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