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Plant Protection and Biotic and Abiotic Interactions

Ringspot on blueberry fruit - Image courtesy of Peter Oudemans
Epichlo? fungal endophyte of grass - Image courtesy of Faith_Belanger
Fungal endophytes of switchgrass, fungal pathogens and their structures - Image courtesy of Ning Zhang
Cytoplasmic streaming in normal root hair - Image courtesy of Jim White

Vision Statement

To maximize the health and growth of plants through the study and understanding of plant-associated microbiomes (pathogens, endophytes and other plant-associated microbes), weeds, abiotic stress and cultural management.


Faculty Research Research Highlights Extension and Outreach

Photo captions:
Top row left: Ringspot on blueberry fruit.
Top row right: Epichloë fungal endophyte of grass.
Bottom row left: Fungal endophytes of switchgrass (l) and Fungal pathogens and their structures (r).
Bottom row right: A plant's root hair.