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Dr. Lena Struwe



DR. LENA STRUWE is director of the Chrysler Herbarium at Rutgers University and professor at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, where she teaches evolution, botany, and plant systematics. She has over 25 years of research and teaching experience in the fields of plant diversity, botanical nomenclature, evolution, and ethnobotany, and has been involved in many research and teaching projects-especially regarding gentians and relatives, medicinal plants, and weeds-on several continents. She is the recipient of three teaching awards, including the 2015 Innovation in Plant Systematics Education Prize. In her free time, Lena runs the blog Botanical Accuracy, where she provides free information to the public about the correct naming and identification of plants included in commercial products.

Title and Address

Director of Chrysler Herbarium
Department of Plant Biology
School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Primary Focus Area: Plant Evolutionary Biology and Systematics (especially Urban Weeds and Gentianales)
Secondary Focus Area: Modern ethnobotany (Medicinal Plants, Food Plant Biodiversity, and Botanical Accuracy)

Laboratory Website


Dr. Lena Struwe ivestigating some cultivated Amaranthaceae plants. Zoom in
Investigating some cultivated Amaranthaceae plants at Rutgers Gardens.