Ph.D. and Master’s Programs Degree Information

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Your Undergraduate Degree Should Have Included:

Courses for those seeking the Ph.D., M.S., M.S./Ph.D.

  1. Two course sequences in both Biology and Chemistry with labs AND
  2. One course in Organic Chemistry, Genetics, Plant Biology (e.g. Botany, Physiology or Ecology), Calculus, and Physics

Courses for those seeking the Applied M.S. (This option is meant to terminate with the M.S. Degree)

  1. Two course sequences in both Biology and Chemistry with labs AND
  2. One course in Organic Chemistry
  3. Two courses in Plant Science from the following: Genetics, Plant Physiology, Taxonomy, Plant Pathology, or Ecology AND
  4. One Course in either Calculus or Statistics AND
  5. One Course in Physics, Geology or Soils

Undergrad GPA Requirement

  1. Undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0

GRE Score Minimum

  1. Verbal GRE scores of 153 or better AND
  2. Quantitative scores of 148 or better

International students must also have a TOEFL score of 550 (paper) or 213 (computer).

The minimum Internet based TOEFL (IBT) is as follows:

  1. Writing 22
  2. Speaking 23
  3. Reading 21
  4. Listening 17

For a total of 83

The acceptable IELTS score is bandwidth 7.

Due to its interdisciplinary nature, the Plant Biology Graduate Program maintains flexibility with these requirements. The candidates’ credentials will be evaluated by an admissions committee comprised of program faculty.

Admission to the Plant Biology Graduate Program

  1. You must be approved for admission to the program by the Admission Committee

The Advisor Requirement

  1. Applicants, before submitting or upon submitting their application, are recommended to seek faculty sponsorship in their individual areas of interest.
  2. It is not necessary or expected for applicants to have an advisor in place to apply for admissions.

Important Note: A promise of faculty sponsorship does not guarantee admission to the program. You cannot be automatically admitted to the program simply because of faculty sponsorship.

Detailed information regarding the program requirements for the completion of a Ph.D. or M.S. and about the two types of M.S. degrees can be found in the Student Handbook. For more information about our faculty, see our list of current Plant Biology Program faculty and their research interest.