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Courses in the Plant Biology Graduate Program

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Plant Biology 765

Few courses are required; a student's curriculum is tailored to his or her interests within general program requirements. For the master's degree without thesis, 31 course credits and 1 credit for a paper are required. For the master's degree with thesis, 26 course credits, 6 research credits, and a research thesis are required. For the doctoral degree, a minimum of 32 course credits plus a minimum of 34 research credits, for a total of 72 credits, a research dissertation, and one academic year in residence are required. There is no language requirement.

In addition to the graduate courses described in A Guide to the Graduate Program in Plant Biology, courses listed under Biochemistry 115, Ecology and Evolution 215, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics 680, Statistics 960, or other appropriate programs may also be taken. Many advanced undergraduate courses (400 level) may be used for graduate credit.

Program Director

Dr. Bingru Huang
Foran Hall, Rm. 301
Phone: 848-932-6390


Course number Course title and syllabus Instructor Credits Semester offered
16:765:502 Advanced Plant Physiology Huang 3 Fall Odd
16:765:510 Advanced Plant Genetics (58k PDF) Gallavotti 3 Fall Even
16:765:513 Plant Molecular Biology (200k PDF) (Cross listed w/126:413) Maliga 3 Fall Odd
16:765:515 Fungi & Human Health (Cross listed w/11:776:415) Bennett, White 3 Spring Even
16:765:522 Applied Plant Science Statistics Ward 3 Fall Odd
16:765:528 Advanced Plant Breeding Bonos, McLoughlin 3 Fall Odd
16:765:529 Plant Breeding (Cross listed w/11:776:406) Bonos, Molnar 4 Every Spring
16:765:531 Principles of Plant Pathology Oudemans 3 Fall Even
16:765:533 Advanced Mycology White 3 Spring Even
16:765:536 Plant Disease Clinic - Currently not available   3 Summer Even
16:765:538 Plant Pathogenesis (20k PDF) Tumer, Lam 3 Spring Odd
16:765:539 Advanced Technologies in Bioscience (128k PDF) (Cross listed w/11:126:444) Tumer 3 Spring Even
16:765:540 Natural Products & Human Health Tumer, Bennett 3 Fall Odd
16:765:585 Bioinformatics (87k PDF) (Cross listed w/11:126:485) Bromberg 3 Every Fall
16:765:600 Problems in Plant Biology Huang BA Every Summer
16:765:601 Problems in Plant Biology Huang BA Every Fall
16:765:602 Problems in Plant Biology Huang BA Every Spring
16:765:603 Special Topics in Plant Biology Huang BA Every Fall and Summer
16:765:604 Special Topics in Plant Biology Huang BA Every Spring
16:765:609 Scientific Communication in Plant Biology Leustek 2 Spring Odd
16:765:621 Core Seminar in PB I (Seminar corresponding with Core Course - Plant Molecular Biology 16:765:513) Maliga 1 Spring Even
16:765:622 Core Seminar in PB II (Seminar corresponding with Core Course - Advanced Plant Physiology 16:765:502) Both, Heckman 1 Spring Odd
16:765:623 Core Seminar in PB III (Seminar corresponding with Core Course - Principles of Plant Pathology 16:765:531) Kobayashi 1 Fall Odd
16:765:624 Core Seminar in PB IV (Seminar corresponding with Core Course - Plant Breeding 16:765:529) Bonos, Molnar 1 Fall Even
16:765:625 Core Seminar in PB V (Seminar corresponding with Core Course - Natural Products & Human Health 16:765:540) Bennett, Tumer 1 Spring Even
16:765:699 Non-Thesis Study Huang 1 Fall/Spring/Summer Every
16:765:701 Research Plant Biology (Indiv. Res. project) Advisors BA Fall/Summer Every
16:765:702 Research Plant Biology) (Indiv Res. project) Advisors BA Spring/Summer Every
16:765:800 Matriculation Contd Huang BA Spring
16:765:811 Graduate Fellowship Huang 0 Fall/Spring Every
16:765:866 Full GA Appointment - Prefix E Huang 6 Fall/Spring Every
16:765:867 Full GA Appointment - Prefix E Huang 3 Fall/Spring Every
16:765:877 Full GA Appointment - Prefix E Huang 6 Fall/Spring Every
16:765:878 Full GA Appointment - Prefix E Huang 3 Fall/Spring Every