Student Associations

Photo: Passion Puddle in Spring.
CROPS (Plant Biology Graduate Student Association)
  • Purpose
    CROPS (Cook Researchers of Plant Science) purpose is to enhance faculty-student relationships within the program, improve the camaraderie and unity among the Plant Biology graduate students,  as well as, provide advice and support among the graduate students of the program regarding graduate student issues.
  • Membership
    Membership is automatic for all students currently enrolled in the Plant Biology Graduate Program. Upon recommendation, other persons who demonstrate an interest in the area of plant biology may also become members. This may include students enrolled in other graduate programs, prospective Plant Biology Graduate students, technicians, and post-doctoral researchers.
Turf Club
  • Advisers: Dr. Bruce Clarke and Dr. Rich Hurley
    Email: Dr. Hurley --
    Email: Dr. Clarke --
    Website: Turf Club
  • The Rutgers Turf Club is an organization of approximately 30 active members including graduate, undergraduate, and Golf Management School students. The club acts to gather students interested in turfgrass together to network and to discuss turf-related issues. The Turf Club is a fun way to experience all that the industry has to offer: tours of athletic fields like Yankees Stadium and Giants Stadium, Turf Conferences- both state and national, lectures provided by top professors in the field, golf outings, and other social gatherings.  Our desire is to make the most of our college experience and form lasting friendships along the way.
Rutgers Graduate Student Association
  • Email:
    Web site:
  • The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is the main clearinghouse for information for graduate student affairs on campus and is entirely student governed. It sponsors a variety of social and cultural activities for graduate students and represents their interests to the university and the agencies of the state through its legislative body. The GSA provides free legal counsel, and it sponsors academic events, graduate publications, Internet publishing projects, films, and community action programs. Every graduate student, full-time or part-time, in any of the six New Brunswick graduate and professional schools automatically becomes a member of the GSA.
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