Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Plant Biology offers 3 Major, 3 Minor, and 3 Certificate Programs. Program brochure for the Plant Biology (Plant Science) Major (PDF).

Graduate Program

Approximately 60 faculty members participate in the Plant Biology Graduate Program through teaching courses or advising students. The Plant Biology Graduate Masters and Doctoral Programs are divided into four curriculum tracks: 1) molecular and cellular biology, 2) organismal and population biology, 3) horticulture and plant technology, and 4) plant pathology. Specific curricular requirements for each student are developed within the general program requirements by his or her committee, with approval by the track coordinator and program director. The tracks are interwoven in that members of the graduate faculty may be members of more man one track and students are encouraged to take courses in more than one track area. Students in these programs are required to conduct research and write a thesis (M.S.) or dissertation (Ph.D.). The Plant Biology Graduate program also offers a Professional Masters Degree in Plant Biology. Students in this option complete courses and may conduct a research project with a paper required but are not expected to produce a thesis or dissertation

For information about the Graduate Program in Plant Biology, contact the program director Dr. Bingru Huang or the Program Administrator.