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Minor in Public Garden Management (18 credits)

The Public Garden Management Minor provides students in SEBS with several options geared to employment opportunities in public horticulture such as public gardens administration, design and installation, or aspects of planting materials management. Students take two fundamental courses and then choose one of three different tracks to reflect their interest: Garden Design; Planting Materials Management; Institutional People Skills and Management.

Foundation Courses (Required, 6 Credits)

  1. 11:550:240 (3) Public Garden Management
  2. 11:776:211 (3) Introduction to Horticulture

Tracks (Choose One of the Following)

I. Garden Design (12 credits)

This track includes aspects of public garden design such as development of outdoor displays and creation of attractive seasonal displays. Projects range from garden scale to the occasional landscape scale design.

Learning Goals

  • Explore how to creatively design space and spatial relationships [creative thinking]
  • Understand, analyze, and incorporate natural features and systems to create design solutions [critical thinking]

Required (7 Credits)

  1. 11:550:220 (1) Public Garden Display – Case Studies*
  2. 11:550:221 (3) Design of Public Display Gardens**
  3. 11:550:235 (3) Herbaceous Plants in the Landscape

Choose a Minimum of 5 Credits From the Following:***

  1. 11:550:250 (3) History of Landscape Architecture
  2. 11:550:338 (1.5) Introduction to Digital Design and Presentation
  3. 11:573:445 (4) Ecological Design and Stewardship
  4. 11:573:415 (3) Open Spaces Planning and Management

*New course: taught second half of Fall semester in conjunction with 11:550:235 Herbaceous Plants in the Landscape

**Course redesigned and retitled from (previous) 11:550:221 Introduction to Site Design to refocus material to creating and building a garden in a public context.

***Note: The substitution of a 300- or 400-level class related to your interests is permitted with permission of the UPD.

II. Planting Materials Management (Choose 12 Credits From the Following)

This track includes selection, care, and pest management of plant material appropriate for use in public gardens.

Learning Goals

  • Describe basic knowledge of horticultural principles, landscape/garden plant management, or pest management [technical proficiency]

Choose 12 Credits From the Following

  1. 11:776:202 (3) People-Plant Relationships
  2. 11:766:210 (3) Principles of Botany
  3. 11:776:242 (3) Plant Science
  4. 11:776:310 (3) Plant Propagation
  5. 11:776:304 (3) Turfgrass Management
  6. 11:776:391 (3) Weeds, Diseases, and Insects of Plants
  7. 11:550:238 (3) Landscape Management and Maintenance
  8. 11:550:233 (3) Landscape Plants I
  9. 11:550:234 (3) Landscape Plants II
  10. 11:020:321 Principles and Practices of Small Organic Farming

III. Institutional People Skills and Management

This track includes fundraising, volunteer management, budgets and accounting, community building and leadership for students in the public gardens sphere.

Learning Goals

Required (3 Credits)

  1. 11:607:485 (3) Understanding Group Dynamics and Team Processes

Choose 9 Credits From the Following

  1. 11:193:200 (3) Community Gardening for Health and Wellness
  2. 11:373:205 (3) Small Business Essentials OR 33:010:272 (3) Introduction to Financial Accounting (credit will not be given for both)
  3. 11:550:436 (3) Landscape Enterprise
  4. 11:607:402 (3) Building Community Partnerships
  5. 11:607:203 (3) Foundations of Volunteer Management

Minor Advisor

Dr. Nrupali Patel
Foran Hall, Rm 372