Course Listings for the Plant Biology (Plant Science) Program (Subject Code 776)

Course number Course title and syllabus Instructor Semester offered
11:776:102 Soil and Society (PDF) Murphy, S Fall
11:776:105 Stories of Plant Disease (PDF) Gould Spring
11:776:112 Introduction to Bioenergy Technologies (PDF) Guran Spring
11:776:170 Plants and People (PDF) Robson Fall/Spring
11:776:201 People-Plant Relationships Altman Fall
11:776:202 Applied Physiology of Horticultural Crops (PDF) Durner Fall
11:776:205 Introduction to Ethnobotany (PDF) Simon/Wu Spring (Hybrid)
11:776:210 Principles of Botany (PDF) Kobayashi/Patel Fall
11:776:211 Introduction to Horticulture (PDF) Gianfagna Fall
11:776:211 Introduction to Horticulture (PDF) Ayeni Spring
11:776:221 Principles of Organic Crop Production (PDF) Heckman Spring
11:776:225 Introduction to Horticultural Therapy (PDF) Altman Spring - Online
11:776:242 Plant Science (PDF) Patel Fall/Spring
11:776:257 Edible and Poisonous Fungi (PDF) White Fall
11:776:296 Women and Science J. Bennett/C. Read Fall (odd years)
11:776:302 General Plant Pathology (PDF) Gould Fall
11:776:304 Turfgrass Management (PDF) Honig/Meyer Fall (odd years)
11:776:305 Plant Genetics (PDF) Goffreda Fall
11:776:310 Plant Propagation (PDF) Molnar Spring
11:776:311 General Plant Pathology Laboratory (PDF) Patel Fall
11:776:312 Medicinal Plants (PDF) Simon/Wu Fall
11:776:313 Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Laboratory Juliani Fall
11:776:321 Greenhouse Systems Management (PDF) Florentine Spring (odd years)
11:776:325 Horticultural Therapy: Techniques and Programming (PDF) Flagler Spring (odd years)
11:776:341 Fruit Production (PDF) Durner Spring (odd years)
11:776:382 Plant Physiology (PDF) Huang Spring (even years)
11:776:389 Applications of Irrigation (PDF) Clarke Fall (even years )
11:776:390 Hemp and Medical Cannabis Simon Fall
11:776:391 Weeds, Diseases, and Insects of Plants Wyenandt/Gould Spring
11:776:400 Fungi in the Environment (PDF) White/Dighton Fall
11:776:402 Introduction to Weed Science and Management (PDF) Elmore/Besançon Fall
11:776:404 Soil Management for Sports Fields and Landscapes (PDF) Murphy, J Spring (even years)
11:776:405 Plant Biosecurity Issues and Technologies (PDF) Di Spring (even years)
11:776:406 Plant Breeding (PDF) Bonos/Orton/Molnar Spring
11:776:408 Turfgrass Pest Science (PDF) Clarke/Koppenhöfer Spring (odd years)
11:776:410 Plants and Innovative Technologies for Bioenergy Bonos/Guran Fall (odd years)
11:776:415 Fungi and Human Health (PDF) Bennett Spring
11:776:438 Plants and Human Health (PDF) Wu Spring
11:776:439 Nursery Crop Production (PDF) Cabrera Spring
11:776:440 Soil Fertility (PDF) Heckman Fall
11:776:442 Agroecology (PDF) Robson Spring
11:776:452 Plant Tissue Culture and Engineering (PDF) Di Spring
11:776:468 China's Agricultural Challenges and Global Impacts (PDF) Xu/Huang Spring (even years)
11:776:485 Functional Genomics for Research (PDF) Price Fall
11:776:495/496 Special Problems in Plant Science (PDF) Gould Fall/Spring/Summer